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Welcome to Our Kitchen!

Where Autism and Cupcakes Collide

Eviedoodles Kitchen is a California-licensed, cottage home bakery which specializes in custom cupcakes and other delicious treats. 

Started when Evan was just 11 years old, Eviedoodles Kitchen combines Evan's baking skills with Wendi's artistic decorating touches. Most important, Eviedoodles Kitchen is not a typical bakery. Owner Evan is on the autism spectrum and his cupcake business allows him to contribute to the autism community in his unique way. ​With every cupcake order, class demonstration and event exhibit, Evan and his mom are able to spread autism awareness. They are able to provide community support while normalizing autism for those who many not otherwise encounter people on the ASD spectrum.

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Meet the Baker

Evan "Eviedoodles" Eusebio

Evan is a 12-year-old baker and entrepreneur.  

At an early age, Evan discovered a passion for baking that has catapulted him from weekend baker into a young entrepreneur! Evan is on the autism spectrum, and he does not allow his diagnosis to prevent him from setting out to conquer the bakery world. 

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Cupcake Designer

Wendi "Mom" Eusebio

Wendi is a self-taught cupcake decorator who began her cupcake and cake decorating career when Evan started baking. 

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Evan's Big Brother and Motivator

Jacob "Brother" Eusebio

Jacob  is Evan's brother, BFF, and protector, all wrapped up into one awesome guy! He enjoys being behind-the-scenes and while you may not see him often, he is always there for Evan whenever his little brother needs him. (Which actually happens quite often. Yay for supportive siblings!)

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Kiji Website.JPG

Cupcake "Guard" Dog


According to Evan, Kiji's position is the key to the success of his bakery. Kiji's job is to PROTECT the cupcakes from the BAD GUYS because Eviedoodles Kitchen cupcakes are so yummy, someone may try to steal them!

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Evan's Story

Eviedoodles Kitchen Beginnings

Evan’s passion for baking dates back to when he was two years old, and picked up momentum a few years later. His mom Wendi would find him constantly searching for baking videos on YouTube, which then made everyone in Evan’s family crave desserts all day! Soon after, Evan would ask for paper and pencils so that he could write down all of the recipes he had watched, from his memory. The house became covered in stacks of paper with hundreds of pages of handwritten recipes. One day, it finally dawned on Wendi to ask Evan, “Would you like to actually bake one of your recipes?” Of course, Evan said, “Yes!”, and from there, the foundation for Eviedoodles Kitchen was laid.

Although Evan, his brother Jacob and Wendi would sporadically bake, it didn’t become a frequent hobby. Wendi had never been someone who LOVED being in the kitchen, and, even though Evan devoted himself to writing baking recipes from memory, he also enjoyed drawing ocean animals, repeatedly. Because of this, Wendi looked at Evan’s baking interest as just another one of his perseverations. It wasn’t until she realized that each time she’d ask Evan to bake, he’d LITERALLY drop everything he was doing and run into the kitchen! He even separated himself from the iPad or computer WILLINGLY, and without argument, just so he could bake.

From there, Evan and Wendi started to bake…and bake…and bake. And, pretty soon, they were baking so much that their family of four could not eat all of the baked goods by themselves! They began sharing their baking creations with family, friends and neighbors and people started asking Evan to bake for their parties and events. So much so, that during the summer of 2017, Wendi and Evan realized they made over 600 custom-decorated cupcakes! At that point, Wendi knew that Evan’s baking could be more than just a weekend hobby. They decided to turn it into a business so that Evan’s baking perseveration could become an opportunity for him to learn valuable life and job skills.

“Eviedoodles” was a nickname from when Evan was little, so they decided to call their bakery Eviedoodles Kitchen. Wendi then took a bakery business class online and the two of them applied for their home bakery license; they incorporated themselves, opened a business bank account, created a logo, set up their social media accounts and ordered business cards. Best of all, Evan has been actively involved in every step of bringing this business to life. Wendi wanted Evan to understand that hard work is required to build a successful business and now Evan knows that these steps will help him find success in whatever he chooses to do in his life.

Isn’t it remarkable that at the young age of 11, Evan found a “job” he enjoyed and was so passionate about? Aren’t we all searching for that?

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